After caesarean section delivery, the symptom of lower back pain is very common because of the spinal anaesthesia. Also during the childbirth process, you use muscles which you usually do not use in routine, so after using those muscles you can feel some effects for some time especially in the case when you were in long labour. Not only is this but another factor that comes in to play postpartum periods.

What new mothers should do after a C Section Delivery to avoid Back pain?

Keep your posture right – Most of the new mother even makes their post delivery back pain even worse by not sitting in right posture for breastfeeding the baby. This usually happens because when you start breastfeeding your baby you tend to focus more on the latching of the baby rather than to sit in the correct position whether you are comfortable or not which may lead to neck stretching or upper back ache etc.

Share the load with your family and partner – Also for new mother, it is very difficult to for mother to overcome back problem as the new mother needs to take care of their newborn round the clock. So share your responsibilities with your family and your partner.

The fat accumulation post delivery – Another factor for back pain after caesarean section is because of the accumulation of an upper layer of skin in the spine during the surgery, it is much harder to recover with this busy schedule.

What to do to manage back pain?

  • Consult the specialists – If you are having severe back pain then you should definitely consult your doctor and undergo a detailed check-up to rule out any kind of potential threats. Also, you can start some home remedy treatments to get relief from back pain.
  • Use the right mattress – The ways through which you can overcome or get relief from back pain is to look for the new mattress like memory foam or air mattress for you comfort.
  • Hot and cold method – You can also use the hot and cold method for the pain relief; in this, you have to first lie in the hot pad for half an hour and you need to replace it with the cold pack or ice pack.
  • Hot water bath – There is another way in which you can get the relief you need to add Epsom salts in hot water bath and this can give you relief.

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