Yes, regular massages help to the bond between the baby and father. Father can make massage as a part of baby’s bedtime routine. Fathers who tend to massage their babies have a closer relationship with their babies. This works both ways. If the babies enjoy this close physical contact with their dads, whenever they see their dads they get more excited. The babies smile, reach for and call out their dads more readily than babies who do not get massaged by their fathers.

Is the new dad hesitant?

If your husband is reluctant to massage your baby, it can be possible that he has never ever thought of doing something like this as a dad. It may take some time for him to accept and adjust to the idea. You can take the help of baby massage classes to learn how to massage your baby.

Baby massage makes the new father confident:

Fathers do get benefitted from the time they spend with their babies and massage helps them to develop their touch and handling skills. Practicing stokes while massaging the baby will boost the confidence of the father to take charge of changing baby diapers, bathing the baby and to take care of the baby. It also strengthens the physical and emotional relationship between the father and the baby.

By learning how to handle the baby better, a father is able to comfort and soothe his baby, especially when the mother of the baby is not around or the mother wants to take a break.

A mothers bond is always stronger:

A mother experiences physical closeness for the entire nine months with the baby, as the baby grows inside the mother, but fathers don’t experience such physical closeness. Some mothers feel fluttering of the baby during the early weeks and as the baby grows the movements of the baby are stronger and more intense. During pregnancy also, mothers to massage their unborn babies through their belly in order to quieten them when the baby is restless inside the womb.

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