A high-risk pregnancy is one that entails potential medical complications for mother or baby or both like GDM, pre-eclampsia, history of miscarriages, kidney or lung problems, sexually transmitted diseases, age above 35, obesity and lot more. Continuous monitoring by a medical specialist and a well-designated birth plan, delivery can be managed effectively.

Let us have a close look at each factor

Age before 18 or after 35 can pose more risk to you. With older age there are more chances of genetic defects and miscarriages become more common after you cross 40.

Pre-pregnancy medical conditions

Conditions that may have developed before you got pregnant can sometimes persist through your pregnancy causing complications. High blood pressure, kidney and lung problems, diabetes and some other diseases can cause complication during pregnancy. In some cases, women have a history of miscarriage or to be genetically susceptible to pregnancy complications. You should keep in touch with your doctor about your pregnancy medical record so that a treatment plan can be chalked out for you.

Medical conditions during pregnancy

Even if you have a clear medical history before you conceived, there are certain conditions that could make your pregnancy high risks like pre-eclampsia which is a syndrome that has got multiple symptoms like high blood pressure, swelling, and urinary problems. It can be life-threatening both for the mother and baby. It can be managed effectively with the right medical intervention. Similarly, gestational diabetes is also a form of diabetes that develops in some pregnant women like pre-eclampsia. It can be overcome with the right medication and nutrition plan and disappears when your baby arrives. A high-risk pregnancy will require a more frequent pre-natal visit and close monitoring. You can be even referred to maternofetal medicine doctor for case and treatment. The exact cause will depend upon your particular condition and circumstances. The high-risk pregnancy could result in problems during labour. Hospitalisation is usually the best option because the best option because for closely monitoring the birthing process, proper equipment and personnel are required.

If you are having multiples, you are more likely to go into labor early. Pre-term labour is common in high-risk pregnancy. Anything is possible. Your doctor may even have your labour induced to prevent or reduce the likelihood of other health problems arising for you and your baby. There may arise a situation that wakes a vaginal birth too risky and you may need to have a c-section as a result. It is natural for a high-risk pregnancy to cause anxiety over the health and wellness of the baby. Good prenatal care makes it possible to have a healthy baby, even if the pregnancy is high risk. Talk to your doctor about your concerns so that you are mentally prepared and know what to expect.

Here are some points which are useful and included in the list-

  • Find a doctor to whom you can talk and feel safe and share your feelings.
  • Expect more appointments.
  • Take necessary immunization.
  • Visit a nutritionist and take a diet plan. Essential nutrients are everything.
  • Continue gentle physical activity like walking with the consult of your doctor.
  • Say no to alcohol.
  • Schedule regular consultation.
  • If not pregnant then take a pre-natal appointment with your doctor.
  • Take the support of your family and friends.
  • Look after your emotional well-being.

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