Pregnancy is emotionally and physically challenging for a woman. Even if it’s her first time of pregnancy or second or third, husband should always be caring and should show extra compassion at this time. Following are few tips which can help you to take care of your wife.

  • Visit all prenatal appointments: You should accompany you wife in all her prenatal visit or should try to visit as many as possible. Listen to what doctor says during visits. Visiting and watching the scans of baby helps you to make father –fetus bond.
  • Help to handle nausea: During pregnancy woman feel nausea and to avoid nausea it is told to pregnant woman to snack throughout the day to keep her calorie intake up.
  • Do whatever she wants to do: Don’t look at the time, whatever she needs to eat and do make that happen, so that she feels relaxed.
  • Help to reduce her stressDuring pregnancy woman is already physically and emotionally stressed. So try not to burden your wife with unnecessary pressure. Try to do as much as household work to reduce the work stress of your wife also it helps her to tale more rest.
  • Read books on pregnancy: You should read books on pregnancy to have a better picture of what your wife is going through. There are hundreds of books on pregnancy, choose from them and start reading. These books have a section which is dedicated to dads. That section can be helpful for you.
  • Be patient: Pregnancy leads to mood swings in female. Sometimes your wife is happy; sometimes she wants to bite your head on something, sometimes she breaks down and cries a lot. You have to be patience in dealing with your wife.
  • Frequent peeing: During pregnancy woman encounter frequent urination. Always make your washroom free for your wife. Install night light in the hallway for her convince to visit washroom.

Please remember that during this difficult time your wife needs you the most. Patience is a virtue with a select few. Be patient, open and considerate.

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