A liver condition that occurs during late pregnancy is known as cholestasis. In this intense itching in caused in the pregnant lady but the same is without any rashes. Usually, itching occurs in the feet and hands; sometimes it affects the other body parts. Cholestasis during pregnancy makes you really feel uncomfortable.

Not only there are certain complications that can be more worrisome for your baby and also for you. Due to risk factors, your doctor may recommend you to do delivery before your due date.

Symptoms and Signs of Cholestasis of Pregnancy:

  • Dark urine
  • Strong itching especially on the palm of hands and feet soles; it gets worse during the night
  • Jaundice
  • Light coloured faeces

A pregnant woman who has any of the signs or symptoms mentioned above should tell a health care professional as soon as possible because they could indicate a risk for her unborn baby.

The exact cause of Cholestasis of pregnancy is not clear yet. It is seen that your genes may play a role. This type of conditions sometimes runs in your family, so certain types of genetic variations are haven found and identified.

There is involvement of pregnancy hormones also. When you approach your due date the pregnancy hormones rise. It is seen that due to an elevation in pregnancy hormones, this may slow down the normal bile flow. In place of leaving the liver, the bile forms an organ, which further results bile salts to eventually enter the bloodstream, which makes you feel itchy.

Factors due to which there is an increased risk of developing cholestasis of pregnancy are:

  • Liver disease or liver damage history
  • Family or personal history
  • Pregnancy with twins or more

In case a woman has a history of cholestasis in her previous pregnancy, then she is at risk of developing the same in her next pregnancy. The recurrence of same among females is about 60 to 70%.

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