Birth control pills come in 21 days of packaging of active hormone oils and for 7 days of placebo pills. By taking placebo pills menstrual period like bleeding occurs. Some extended cycle pill treatments have active hormone pills every day for 3 months, which follows by a week of low dose estrogen pills or placebo pills. During the last week you will experience menstrual bleeding.

What happens when you take the pills?

If you don’t get period for several months then you might be suffering from post pill amenorrhea. The pill prevents your body from producing hormones which are involved in menstruation and ovulation. When you stop taking pills, then it takes some time for the body to bounce back to normal production of these hormones.

What happens when you stop taking the pills?

Your period will return back within three months once you stop taking the birth control pill, but also depend on you and what cycle are you in. In some cases women who take pills to balance their menstrual cycles may not have a period for several months. This happens because the pill contains hormones that stop egg (ovulation) release each month. If the period does not occur for 3 months then you should take the pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant and you should see your doctor.

What are the factors that can influence your menstrual cycles?

Stress, weight, health, exercise and medical condition like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can also influence you period cycle. The first period after stopping pill is known as withdrawal bleed. The natural period occurs after that.

If you want to get pregnant then it is best to wait until you have your first natural period. This gives you time to make sure you are in your best physical condition for pregnancy. It also helps to detect your doctor to predict your due date more accurately. Birth control pills do not cause fertility problem but it can mask the underlying problem like irregular periods.

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