The Lamaze method was founded by Dr. Fernand Lamaze in France. Lamaze includes breathing and relaxation techniques along with continuous labor support. The Lamaze specifies that the childbirth is natural, normal and healthy. Every woman had the right to give birth to the child from routine interventions. The main focus to cope up with labor is on the use of controlled breathing techniques.

Lamaze classes help to increase the confidence of women to give birth to a child. Lamaze also helps women how to respond against the labor pain in different ways that facilitate labor and also increase the comfort. Many expecting women and their husband or partner now a day prefer to attend childbirth class in order to gather information about childbirth and to settle down their anxiety.

Benefits of Lamaze Class:

  • It helps you to build up your confidence in your body’s ability to give birth to a child
  • You husband and partner will also get to know about childbirth and how he can support you on the childbirth. Also attending childbirth classes together can also make the bond between would be mother and father stronger
  • You can discuss your fears with the instructor and other couples about the labor and childbirth
  • During Lamaze, your instructor will also guide you and will discuss the various pain relief options which include massage, breathing techniques, relaxation and medications
  • A trip or tour to your birthing facility during class will also give you the option to see the staff in action at the birthing center. Also, you can ask your instructor about routine practices like electronic fetal monitoring and freedom of movement during labor.

By the end of the Lamaze session, a pregnant woman gains a lot of confidence and learns a variety of coping techniques. This class also helps women to learn how to respond to pain.

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